How WEP Volunteer and Mentorship Programme has impacted participants

Participants brainstorm during one of the mentoring sessions at WEP’s office in Abuja

When we launched WEP Volunteer and Mentorship programme in 2018, little did we know it will record such impacts it has recorded.

We were inspired by the new vision of WEP in her 2018-2027 strategic plan of a world where the lives of women and youth around the globe are positively transformed and decided to create a programme that will lead to the positive transformation of the lives of youth.

This birthed the WEP Volunteer and Mentorship programme with the goal to assist communities address development challenges through volunteer service. The programme has the following specific objectives:

  • Equip volunteers with community development skills
  • Provide guidance to volunteers on designing and implementing community development projects
  • Assist volunteers to build a career in the development sector

The programme had started barely 3 months, when we were still at the introductory stage, that participants started pouring in testimonies about how their eyes had been opened to things they never imagined. The screenshots of WhatsApp discussions below explain more:





At the end of the programme, more testimonies came in from participants on how impactful the WEP Volunteer and Mentorship programme has being.

Read testimonies of some of the participants in the programme below:

“While my employment with the Federal Civil Service Commission was terminated, I decided to look for volunteering jobs particularly in areas of environment to keep up to date with happenings as I needed to update my knowledge as per environment because I had already developed passion for its sustainability.

I had known WEP during my HSE induction in 2017 and I decided to look further on what they are up to while I started following WEP on all her social media platforms as well as a subscription for newsletter or updates as the case may be hoping for my volunteering opportunity to be actualised. After few months, I read a tweet from WEP handle on Twitter and Facebook about an upcoming volunteer and mentorship program which I quickly applied for as it was an opportunity I had long waited for. I was lucky to be among the few mentees that were shortlisted.

The WEP mentorship program has helped me build my self-confidence and taught me the need to take action even if starting as a lone voice, it has helped me understand that volunteering entails basic fundamental skills and knowledge that needed to be critically explored before applying as a volunteer and what it entails to be a team leader.

I used to believe the national budget passage does not have any significant effect on me but, now, I know that the comprehensive knowledge of the budget is significant to any developmental project to be embarked on. Now I can write a detailed project proposal as well as apply as a knowledgeable volunteer.

One thing I like specially about the WEP Volunteer and Mentorship program is the unique approach of mentoring which was well detailed with participants interactive sessions and practicable examples. The experience has widened my horizon which I found time worthy.

I have started recommending WEP Volunteer and Mentorship program to family and friends as the impact of the program has reflected positively in my relationship with people and the environment.

Towards the end of the mentorship program, my employment with the federal civil service commission was reinstated and I have been performing on the job beyond expectation, also, I have been recently contacted by a national government organization on climate change to be part of their volunteers team. All these was made possible by WEP volunteer and mentorship training which was made available to us at no cost.

My appreciation goes to the founder of WEP, the brain behind the mentorship concept, the facilitators, all staff of WEP, greater heights by God’s grace.  Thank you WEP, I will always make you proud.” Abiodun Fatima Animashaun.


My name is Doom Torhee. I joined the WEP volunteer training in the 10th month in 2018, but I must say it has been a great journey. I gained a lot on how to use the TOC approach in project design which I am applying in designing my campaign against child abuse in 2019.

 In the course of my training program, I was given the opportunity by WEP to attend the Protection of Civilian (POC) training course, organized by the Nigerian Army in Jaji. This course has exposed me to the UN guidelines on mission projects and the importance of protecting the rights of human beings, who are the core components of every project we embark on.

 I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate the leadership and staff of WEP for this great initiative and for giving their time and resources to empower volunteers especially women and youths in Nigeria. I hope this effort will grow and we will make you proud.”  


“WEP made my 2018 very meaningful in no small measure.

 My dream of pursuing a career in the development /humanitarian sector got rejuvenated at WEP. 

 The volunteer/mentoring programme has indeed equipped me with more confidence, the resolve to make a difference.

I met and made new friends. Learnt new skills and can now take on more developmental challenges.

 I can now initiate a community development project from start to finish with monitoring and evaluation. The fun aspect can’t be forgotten.

 Thank you WEP, this knowledge will go a long way.

My name is Micheal Orkuma Goon and I’m proud to have partaken in this programme.”

Michael Orkuma Goon


“WEP Volunteer and Mentorship programme was very impactful, it helped me secure a contract job presently which I’m doing, it’s a project which is themed Building a culture of Pro Bono project in Nigeria where three parties are in partnership which is the Nigerian Bar Association, Justice Research institute, and Open Society Initiative for West Africa.

The project is in its second phase which I’m privileged to be amongst the team in Abuja and we are overseeing about five other states which are Sokoto, Kaduna, Kebbi, Lagos and Osun.” Adzege Stephanie Doofan

adzege doofan
Adzege Stephanie Doofan

“Knowledge they say is power and I have been empowered thanks to the Women Environmental Programme (WEP) .There was a time, I thought it was alright to sit from afar and determine a communities’ needs but I was wrong. WEP taught me to go close and relate with the community to decide their actual need.

Through the WEP mentorship programme, my skill and knowledge in volunteering, stakeholder mapping, project design, community needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation, community development, proposal development etc has improved greatly.

I am so grateful to WEP for this wonderful opportunity.” Nguvan Mercy Agaigbe

Nguvan Mercy Agaigbe

“The WEP volunteering and mentorship program inspired me to believe more in myself and my abilities. This training inspired me to successfully design, manage and execute a 10days peer mentorship program for teenage refugees from southern Cameroon, through different trainings, cross-cultural interactions and capacity building tasks. It is a life changing experience how my little effort can change the world by volunteering and championing the Sustainable development goals (SDGs).” Agber kwaghdoo Sussan

Agber kwaghdoo Sussan

“In today’s globally competitive environment, creativity has become the watchword for individuals and national success. Many non-governmental organizations are providing support programs, skills and knowledge to potential youths who aspire to be leaders in different spheres of life. WEP happens to be one of such that has created a conducive environment for volunteer youths to develop themselves towards achieving greater heights

The WEP volunteer program has enabled me think like a developer, carry out advocacy, conceive, implement and manage a project. Before now l had limited knowledge but with the training undertaken in the past months has clearly proven that one can improve their skills, rediscover their talent and have a zeal to contribute great towards societal development.”

Thank you WEP and God bless.”  VAJIME GRACE

The volunteers will soon unveil the community development projects they have conceived. We at WEP wish all of you well as you go out there to become ambassadors of community development.

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