The World Health Day celebrated on 7th April every year as initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) provides a unique opportunity to mobilise a specific action around themes that every day affects us. This year 2017 the theme was ‘Depression Let’s Talk’.  WEP as an organisation does not have Reproductive health as a thematic focus but through her peace building interventions in communities’ deals with trauma experienced by individuals who have faced issues that could lead to depression and its effect.

As part of her activities towards the commemoration of this year’s World Health Day, the Universal Peace Federation on 7th April, at Merit House Maitama, honoured WEP with an award on peace building in recognition of her contribution as a peace advocate in Nigeria.

Many proponents of peace were honoured some as individuals in their capacities as peace builders alongside some organisations that have been fostering peace in the Nation. It was a gathering that had business men, Ambassadors and many dignitaries in attendance.

WEP was ably represented by her Bibian Ama, Cliff Gai and Eje Emmanuel


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