The Nigerian Army Peacekeeping Centre Jaji-Kaduna has continued to extend her trainings to WEP, the gesture has built the capacity of staff of the organization in various conflict management and peace building approaches. In this second quarter of the year, two staff benefited from the training; Amazemba Theophilus Ternenge participated in the Civilian-Military Coordination (CIMIC) Course/14/17, which was held from 19 May to 2 June, 2017 and Uja Damaris Nguumbur participated in the Protection of Civilians (POC) Course 14/17 held from 9 to 23 June, 2017.

The Courses are designed based on the context of the full-spectrum UN Peace Operations, paying particular attention to military support to humanitarian assistance to civilians in armed conflict and peace building. They explore the practical application of the strategic ideas at the operational and tactical levels which pays particular attention to civil-military relations and transition management through civil assistance including the protection of civilians.

This helps participants to gain a greater appreciation of how UN peace operations work in the field, serves as a primer for scenario-based, table top exercise learning platforms tailored for specific audiences, missions, and circumstances. In all, this experience is to be reckoned with, as it enhances a very cordial and social interaction between the civilians, Para-military and the military, people of different cultural background and values, religion and language. The POC and CIMIC activities are truly imbedded in the ability to respect diversity for all, which is an outstanding principle of conduct for peacekeepers on mission.

Damaris Uja receiving POC certificate from the Ag Commandant of
NAPKC Brigadier General A.M. Dauda


Amazemba Theophilus Ternenge making a presentation in class during  Civilian-Military Coordination (CIMIC) Course/14/17


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