Pre-project advocacy and sensitization in Zamfara state

L-R: Bibiana Ama, Evelyn Ugbe and Benson Attah during advocacy visit and sensitization to Zamfara state.

Between 9th and 14th January, WEP’s team was in Zamfara state for a pre-project advocacy and sensitization under the Kingdom of Netherlands’ supported project titled: “Ensuring Effective Implementation of Programmes, Policies and Legislations, that contribute towards Achieving Gender Equality in Nigeria by 2030.” The project funded under the Netherlands Accountability Fund has the objectives to: advocate for policies and legislations that promote women participation at all levels of decision making, and remove all obstacles (social, political, cultural and economic) hindering women’s empowerment and participation in decision making and infringing on women’s rights; ensure effective implementation of programmes and projects through capacity building of CSOs, budget monitoring and information sharing; and raise awareness amongst stakeholders on the fundamental women’s rights.

Read full report here


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